What is business survey validation ?
This is the process to finding out whether or not your business model has any potential.

This process will help you get good quality information so that you can bring profits as soon as launch in the market.

If start a business / launch new product without business survey validation, this will be a risk of failure because uncertainty whether need by market / target audience.

A start-up wisely should perform business survey validation so that not only minimize risk of failure which lost of capital investment, business closure, wasted time and resources but can immediate focus to take every opportunities available in order to get back your return of investment and profit.

How to do business survey validation ?
Develop 10 questionnaires which simple and easy to understand by your target audience.

Questionnaires shall be provided with multiply choice of answer which normally A, B, C, D, E or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

4 factors below must do in your business survey validation in order to get a quality information to justify your business services/products.

1. Write down your assumptions.
This to test your business services or products whether this can get the demand by your target audience.
Example, service/product will solve the needs of people, pricing model suits target people, etc

2. Create the test.
After completed assumptions, you can test by interview people or survey people. In this test.
Ten (10) questionnaires shall be suggested to use because this simple and easy to get people for survey or interview.

3. Find people to do interview / survey.
Important to get right people to get right information to validate your business service / product. There are number of ways to do get this test result :
– social media like facebook, tiktok, youtube, instagram, twitter, etc
– mall
– fast food restaurant
– beverage cafe
– engage survey service like juztsam, click here

4. Analyze and review collected survey information.
After collected the information by your target audience, you need to analyze how people feedback whether you need to do changes your business model in order to improve the quality of demands.
If changes your business model, then you need to do again business survey validation.

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