Online Survey 10 Multiple Choice

If looking to launch a startup or small business or new product or new services, the online survey 10 multiple choice is the best methodology to validate below objectives :

1. Identify Potential Business Opportunities that help to understand consumer preferences, perfect marketing campaigns and minimize losses.

2. Better Understanding of Consumer Preferences and Needs allow to customize the survey to identify decision-making triggers, understand customer needs, study purchase patterns and behaviors and discover pain points.

3. Test Products/Services Before Market Launch which only survey helps to find the right approach and messaging that resonates with your customers.

Basic $50 for 100 random USA consumers

Premium $150 for 100 targeted USA consumers

juztsam online survey

Online Traffic Service

If you aren’t attracting visitors, your small business website is get lost in the internet, perhaps, never found, won’t be generating sales or won’t be achieving your end goal.

Many forget that it is visitors who view your small business website and do business with you online.

The importance website traffic :

1. Generate more traffic to promote the products and/or services ultimately.

2. Create business communication to allowing you to market to them long-term.

3. Traffic to generate leads, to generate customers.

Premium $80

Custom Web Application

juztsam wordpress ecommerce

WordPress E-Commerce

Are you planning to start your online business ?

Great! Use this WordPress E-Commerce.

Sell everywhere,  one platform to sell products to anyone, anywhere.

Manage everything, one dashboard to manage orders, shipping, and payments anywhere you go.

Online everyone, one platform which always ready to manage your business all time.

WordPress E-Commerce $500

juztsam web application

Dynamics Web Application

Are you looking new website that promote your products, services and brand ?

Great! Use this Dynamic Web Application.

Responsive Design,  one platform that work well on a variety of devices.

Customization Design, one requirement of yours to reach specific business goal.

Content Design, one modern outlook which always ready to manage your business all time.

Dynamic Web Application $300

juztsam startup web application one

Website Startup One

Are you planning to start your business but want to further add-ons later?

This special for you! Use this Website Startup One.

WordPress,  one platform that work well on a variety of devices.

Plug-In, one platform that always can add-on more features and functionalities.

Support, one platform that always can get support from worldwide parties.

Website Startup One $50

juztsam startup web application two

Website Startup Two

Are you planning to start your business in fast simple and easy way?

This is for you! Use this Website Startup Two.

Dynamic,  one website that work well on a variety of devices.

Simple, one page to get your customers attention.

Contact, one page to create business email communication.

Website Startup Two $20

juztsam startup package

Startup Application

How to do startups ?

Simple, just get a domain name and hosting for your small business

Domain name is the address of your business to do online, namely website.

Hosting is the storage that you can put your website to online, also create electronic email (email) to communicate with your customers

Digital Marketing

Marketing to drive customers attraction to know more about your products and/or services

Videos, banners, posters and brand logo are most trendy digital marketing

Let’s start the connection with digital marketing

juztsam digital marketing logo

Business Logo $20

juztsam digital marketing banner

Banner $20

juztsam digital marketing video

Video Creation $20